livio stan

business development

Livio Stan is a business accelerator. He identifies opportunities, strategizes growth plans, recruits effective management teams, attracts capital, and builds business value.

Livio has a track record of vetting opportunities and selecting those with high potential. He is a visionary that sees the future in complex ways, like a chess master. He draws on a vast network of business leaders to find experienced management candidates and forms them into productive teams. Livio has demonstrated the ability to find significant investment capital for his projects. And, he increases revenue, profits, and business value.

In short, Livio Stan has demonstrated remarkable humans and business skills in building value-for-value growth systems in varied service, manufacturing, and product industries. He is a very unique and unusual professional that started his career with the United Nation’s office in Europe. He lived on most continents, is fluent in more than one language, focused on European/Mid-East marketing efforts through advisory presentations, and facilitated financing for cross-border acquisitions with values ranging from several US$ millions to US$ billion. Livio lives with his wife and two children in Portland, Oregon.






New York • London

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